Now I don’t know about you but the season of Christmas and New Year evoke some strong memories of childhood. At that time my personal vision for the future included travelling in space for our holidays, robots doing all the domestic chores, teleporting, hoverboards instead of bikes and the discovery of life on Mars!

The truth is that as we approach 2020 today’s vision is somewhat different from the 10-year-old me. Whilst we can see some changes the future has never been quite so unsettled, being able to count on certainty in local business is vital. 

So here’s my 2020 vision… 

Value is about respecting our guests and appreciating the importance of time and money spent with us.

Inspiration comes from education and creativity we are committed to a program which nurtures everyone from apprentices through to experienced team members.

Salon hair 365 days of the year is our promise to help you recreate great hair. Keeping up to date with all the emerging trends.

Introduce a friend is a concept we first introduced 25 years ago we feel a personal referral and an immediate reward of 50% saving is a straight forward way to repay the compliment.

Opportunities to indulge in a little luxury a place where the sun shines providing a little sanctuary.

New is always special in products, techniques ideas every visit. No change =no change.

We at Studio2 would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all you love a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

“Beam me up Scottie!”

I’ve known (and loved) Mandy for 17 years next May. In that time I’ve learned a lot about the wonderful world of hairdressing (amongst other things). I confess that prior to our meeting I suspect, like most men, I had a pretty fixed view of the world of female hairdressing which was based largely around “archetypal” discussions around holidays, failing men and yo-yo dieting. Wrong! 

So, my wife cuts hair for a living – but the truth of the matter is that this occupies only some of her time in the salon – she is in parts a psychologist, mother, counsellor, carer, life coach, mediator, teacher, confidant and friend.

Invariably after a day in the salon, she’ll arrive home with the emotion of the day writ large on her lovely face. These emotions range from the extraordinary feeling of helping someone restore their dignity whilst recovering from cancer to the joy of nurturing young talent as they emerge from shy apprentices to confident stylists.

It turns out that hairdressing performs a very wide range of functions for guests and my eyes have been opened not just by the technical skill involved in cutting, styling and colouring hair, but how vital the relationship between hairdresser and guest can be in terms of emotional support. As one of her clients once said to me in town, “a session with Mandy should be prescribed on the NHS!”. 

So gentlemen, when your wife/husband/lover/best friend takes her/his next trip to the salon, remember it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling better.

Some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done for guests has been at a time when they face having to lose their hair…

When I was fifteen it was time to leave school, I had no clear vocation in mind but a vague notion of wanting to help people…

We are very privileged to spend time with our guests during all the big events, i.e. births, exam results, engagements, weddings, break ups, career changes, sickness, BIG birthdays, travel adventures, and sadly, when life comes to an end.

Every autumn we like to support a charity and for the second time we’ve chosen St Catherine’s Hospice (who can forget the triumph that was our Naked Calendar?). Their vision is a community where everyone can receive the end of life care they deserve. Less than one third of their income is derived from the NHS. They need £10 million a year to run services yet only one in three people currently can be cared for by St Catherine’s Hospice so it’s really important to us that we raise as much money as possible.

For six weeks up to the 26th of October we ran a raffle, had a bottle tombola, a cake sale day, a quiz night and two days when our team donated all their tips, the results of which you can see on our website or by following us on Facebook.

It’s very important for us to give back to the community we are in and we really appreciate you all for supporting us with St Catherine’s mission that no one should face death alone.

For more details about St Catherine’s Hospice please visit

Get updates by visiting or call the salon on 01403 255555.

Mandy Masters

Recently I popped in to visit my mum (“I’m 76 you know!”). She plopped down in her chair with eyes closed, “I hate this weather”. “Oh” I said, “you hate the rain and wind and snow also?” Pause, with one eye open, “I like the spring”.

Personally, I’m torn between which season I love the most but summer is definitely a favourite.

I could tell you about all the great products we have, UVA protection included, or that we have dozens of 100ml sizes that are ideal for holidays especially if you want to carry on board flights. Or we could talk about the great new colour shampoos we stock from Celeb which can help to top up or tone colours affected by sun heat or chlorine/salt. We could even talk about travel hair dryers!

But I’d rather give you a few facts discovered on our recent beautifully hot team day in Littlehampton.

  1. Royston can make really cool shorts and has the smoothest, whitest legs ever.
  2. No-one wants to share you pork pies.
  3. Rounders lets you know who’s competitive (Cameron) and determined even if they’ve no confidence in bowling (Beth).
  4. A childs bikini age 11-12 will cover a lot if you want to swim with the others (Liv).
  5. If you pick someone paddling in the sea you will definitely drop them (Tom).

So what’s next? Autumn, where we look forward to meeting our new apprentices, seeing lots of lovely children on their way back to school and six weeks of charity activity for St Catherine’s Hospice (more to follow).

Oh and I forgot to say we are now a bottle refill site, so come along, we would love to see you.