The Science of Storytelling

In the summer of the 1968 Olympics, all the high jump competitors jumped forward over the bar. A young man named Dick Fosbury decided to try a new technique he’d been experimenting with at Lake Tahoe University.

At that year’s games, he asked the officials to literally raise the bar. As the crowd watched he took a run up and flopped over backwards clearing the bar and breaking the world record. He went on to win gold at the Olympics and became the new world record for “the Fosbury Flop”.

The art of storytelling helps humans negotiate the world we live in but it’s important to remember that the stories are not the truth – truth can be any narrative we choose.

At Studio 2 we understand that the story about our image and how we decide we should look can, and will, change over time. Through careful consideration, we can help guests move from their old “story” to something new.

We consider:

  • Personal style 
  • Hair growth patterns/texture
  • Lifestyle (work, leisure time)
  • Home care (skill, products, tools)
  • Budget (time, financial)
  • Emerging trends
  • Colour (skin tone, fashion, design)

The autumn is a brilliant time to reinvent image as summer is coming to an end and the party season will soon be upon us.

So, if you need a new system call 01403 255555 or visit

We can all have any story we like!