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We’ll be there when life comes full circle…

We are very privileged to spend time with our guests during all the big events, i.e. births, exam results, engagements, weddings, break ups, career changes, sickness, BIG birthdays, travel adventures, and sadly when life comes to an end.

Mandy Masters

Do you like this weather? It’s hot, hot, hot!

Recently I popped in to visit my mum (“I’m 76 you know!”). She plopped down in her chair with eyes closed, “I hate this weather”. “Oh” I said, “you hate the rain and wind and snow also?” Pause, with one eye open, “I like the spring”. Personally, I’m torn between which season I love the […]

Mandy Masters

Happiness Hot News!

Usually, when I tell people about my holiday they say “how lovely”. Recently I was lucky enough to go to Antigua, however, it’s gone down like a brick, with responses like, “good for you” or “it’s alright for some!”. A holiday gives time for quiet reflection. I’d like to share the progress of our four […]