Lockdown: Lessons For Life

At the time of writing our Prime Minister is easing the lockdown to get us all back to work. Hopefully, by the time you read this, we’ll be on the road to “the new normal” (whatever that is!!!)

Right now our scissors are silent, washbasins dry and seats vacant. It’s not been easy but as usual in life, there are always lessons to be learned…

  1. We really miss our guests…
    Keeping in touch and hearing your stories has been brilliant.
  2. Team meetings on Zoom are hilarious…
    One of our team spent his entire time knitting squares as we discussed salon business.
  3. Closed for business, open for learning…
    I’ve invested a lot of time in learning and gathering inspiration and really looking forward to using this new knowledge to improve the salon.
  4. Social Media fun…
    We’ve always used Social Media, but being able to support our guests with funny and informative videos has been a great way to keep in touch. 
  5. Podcasts are a great distraction…
    Here are some recommendations:

    1. Fortunately
    2. Desert Island Discs
    3. Woman’s Hour
    4. Friday Night Comedy
    5. Mi365 Podcasts
    6. Shag, Married, Annoyed
    7. Thanks a Million
    8. How to Fail
    9. Adam Buxton Podcast
    10. Mad World
    11. How Did We Get Here?
    12. Work like a Woman
    13. GriefCast
    14. Birth Stories
  6. I’ve become a walking hair guru…
    It’s nice to be popular outside the salon!
  7. Family is everything…
    Being away from family and friends has been tough especially as major events have been cancelled, postponed or radically changed.
  8. My husband is trying to kill me!
    Not literally of course, but in April we walked over 260 miles!

We don’t know what our industry will look like after these challenging times but we do know we love what we do and we are determined to serve our guests as best we can in the future as we have always done.

Love, Mandy xxx