The Big Questions

I think of lockdown as an extended winter, hunkered down, away from those that we love and care for – but as we emerge out of the darkness we can now finally welcome spring into our lives – the opportunity to wake up, breathe and start to see life in colour again.

By the time you read this, we will be re-opened. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to many of our loyal guests keen to rebook appointments. It’s been wonderful to keep in touch and learn how everyone’s getting on.

Many calls I’ve received are from new guests eager to book for the first time as a result of seeing their friends and family’s hair consistently looking great.

As you may know, I love talking about hair! Consultations are a great opportunity for me to ask the big questions and establish what really matters. We always start with ‘tell me about your hair’ and from there use ‘power’ questions.

  • What first impression would you like your hair to make?
  • Why are you using colour? For energy and vitality, or to whisper, talk or shout?
  • How skilled are you at caring for your hair at home?
  • When do you want to refresh or maintain or budget for your hair?
  • Where do you want your hair to take you? To the office, the gym, the big event?

We believe that asking the right questions gets the best results and, let’s be clear, as we’re getting back to real life we all deserve to look and feel great every day.