I’ve known (and loved) Mandy for 17 years next May. In that time I’ve learned a lot about the wonderful world of hairdressing (amongst other things). I confess that prior to our meeting I suspect, like most men, I had a pretty fixed view of the world of female hairdressing which was based largely around “archetypal” discussions around holidays, failing men and yo-yo dieting. Wrong! 

So, my wife cuts hair for a living – but the truth of the matter is that this occupies only some of her time in the salon – she is in parts a psychologist, mother, counsellor, carer, life coach, mediator, teacher, confidant and friend.

Invariably after a day in the salon, she’ll arrive home with the emotion of the day writ large on her lovely face. These emotions range from the extraordinary feeling of helping someone restore their dignity whilst recovering from cancer to the joy of nurturing young talent as they emerge from shy apprentices to confident stylists.

It turns out that hairdressing performs a very wide range of functions for guests and my eyes have been opened not just by the technical skill involved in cutting, styling and colouring hair, but how vital the relationship between hairdresser and guest can be in terms of emotional support. As one of her clients once said to me in town, “a session with Mandy should be prescribed on the NHS!”. 

So gentlemen, when your wife/husband/lover/best friend takes her/his next trip to the salon, remember it’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling better.

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