Mandy’s Colour Masterclass

by Tim Fifield

The other morning, as we sipped our coffee in bed and gazed out of our window, I commented on a tree’s gorgeous leaf colour in the far distance. “Ochre,” I said with all the confidence of a pre-raphaelite painter. “That’s not ochre, it’s russet” Mandy replied with all the confidence of someone who’s been colouring hair for over 42 years.

Then, accompanied by the dawn chorus, Mandy treated me to a colour masterclass explaining how everyone has a different version of colour in their head and that descriptions of colour can often be misleading.

“Take the colour ‘biscuit’ for example” she explains, “this could mean rich tea, digestive or ginger nut! So the only true way to view colour is through an image. During a guest consultation, we view images and consult the colour wheel to determine the perfect tones to achieve the desired result”.

At Studio2 there are 110 colours and countless blonding options giving an almost limitless palette of colours. The team are passionate advocates of Paul Mitchell Colour which gives consistently stunning results. I learned that to maintain the colour you are provided with a home-care management plan as Mandy explains “you wouldn’t wash your cashmere jumper on a hot wash!”

So, in conclusion, colour needs to be seen not heard (or described by an ignorant husband). 

And with that, we had another coffee – which we both agreed was black!