Brave New World of Hair

Hello everyone – this edition is being written by me, Tim Fifield – Mandy’s husband. Mandy sends her love but as I write she, along with the Studio2 team, is diligently working through a substantial backlog of appointments missed due to Covid-19. It’s a big list, so understandably she’s a “bit” tied up!!!

One may be under the misapprehension that if a hairdressing salon has to close for more than three months the owner may take a little “me time” – maybe catch up on a boxed set or two, or indulge in a little novel reading. I can report however that I’ve never seen my wife work so hard.

Supporting the needs of a large team and thousands of guests is a big task which does not stop when hairdryers stop blowing. Here are the ways that Mandy supported her business and the community it serves in the run up to when we reopened on July 4th.

  • Diligently following the government announcements and guidelines
  • Following and supporting the hair industry through webinars and daily briefings
  • Sourcing, ordering and installing PPE and signage
  • Rebooking guests
  • Creating revised team rotas
  • Writing safety policies
  • Communicating via social media

They say that what defines a business is not what happens day to day but how it reacts in adversity and I am so proud of what Mandy and her team have achieved to ensure their safety and the well-being of you, our guests, in this brave new world of hair.