Is it time for an upgrade?

Who remembers when mobile phones were just…well, phones? 

Now, of course, our phones pretty much run our lives; we buy things, we make funny videos, get food delivered and even find love! As trends and technology progress we don’t think twice about upgrading to the next best shiny thing but, as you take your next selfie for Instagram ask yourself this – is it time for a hair upgrade?

Things to consider:

  • What does my hair say? Is it a whisper, talk or shout?
  • Does my hair make me feel cool and confident or dated and frumpy?
  • Is my hair easy to manage – is it too thick, too fine, too curly?
  • Are the tools and products I use still right for me?
  • Am I still getting those “wow” compliments?
  • Do I need some professional inspiration?

The good news is that, unlike a new iPhone, your hair upgrade doesn’t need to cost the earth (and there’s no contract!). Here at Studio 2, we pride ourselves on being able to offer upgrades for all budgets with professional stylists and products to match.

Our team are constantly upgrading their skills to ensure you get the best advice, service and aftercare, so why not pop in and have a chat about your next best look – after all, who doesn’t love an upgrade?