Let’s talk about you…

As 2019 begins I’ve notched up some FORTY years (I know, I don’t look old enough!!) in this wonderful industry. We recently took ten team members for twenty days of cutting-edge education to help us prepare to deliver the very best in design for 2019.

I was surprised to find that aside from understanding the current trends and emerging technologies, the most vital aspect in designer hair is still the consultation. Now I don’t mean “what are we doing today?” or “so it’s just a trim?”, and, worse still “I think we’ll just take it up”.

A great consultation starts with these considerations:

  1. How much time do you have?
  2. Does your work/lifestyle affect your hair?
  3. Let’s look at your face shape, do you wear your glasses all the time?
  4. Let’s think about your natural style and image.
  5. Tell me what products are part of your styling routine.
  6. Let’s think about budget.
  7. Do you have travel plans?
  8. When did you last love your hair?
  9. What would be the worst thing?
  10. Let’s look at some images and see what you’re drawn to.

Quality consultations are sadly still rare, so if you would benefit from some serious quality time please come and join us in creating your own designer hair and home care maintenance plan.

PS: Thanks to your help, we smashed our charity target last year and raised £2207 for St Catherine’s Hospice – we wish you all a very happy new year.