Some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done for guests has been at a time when they face having to lose their hair…

When I was fifteen it was time to leave school, I had no clear vocation in mind but a vague notion of wanting to help people…

We are very privileged to spend time with our guests during all the big events, i.e. births, exam results, engagements, weddings, break ups, career changes, sickness, BIG birthdays, travel adventures, and sadly, when life comes to an end.

Every autumn we like to support a charity and for the second time we’ve chosen St Catherine’s Hospice (who can forget the triumph that was our Naked Calendar?). Their vision is a community where everyone can receive the end of life care they deserve. Less than one third of their income is derived from the NHS. They need £10 million a year to run services yet only one in three people currently can be cared for by St Catherine’s Hospice so it’s really important to us that we raise as much money as possible.

For six weeks up to the 26th of October we ran a raffle, had a bottle tombola, a cake sale day, a quiz night and two days when our team donated all their tips, the results of which you can see on our website or by following us on Facebook.

It’s very important for us to give back to the community we are in and we really appreciate you all for supporting us with St Catherine’s mission that no one should face death alone.

For more details about St Catherine’s Hospice please visit

Get updates by visiting or call the salon on 01403 255555.

Mandy Masters

Recently I popped in to visit my mum (“I’m 76 you know!”). She plopped down in her chair with eyes closed, “I hate this weather”. “Oh” I said, “you hate the rain and wind and snow also?” Pause, with one eye open, “I like the spring”.

Personally, I’m torn between which season I love the most but summer is definitely a favourite.

I could tell you about all the great products we have, UVA protection included, or that we have dozens of 100ml sizes that are ideal for holidays especially if you want to carry on board flights. Or we could talk about the great new colour shampoos we stock from Celeb which can help to top up or tone colours affected by sun heat or chlorine/salt. We could even talk about travel hair dryers!

But I’d rather give you a few facts discovered on our recent beautifully hot team day in Littlehampton.

  1. Royston can make really cool shorts and has the smoothest, whitest legs ever.
  2. No-one wants to share you pork pies.
  3. Rounders lets you know who’s competitive (Cameron) and determined even if they’ve no confidence in bowling (Beth).
  4. A childs bikini age 11-12 will cover a lot if you want to swim with the others (Liv).
  5. If you pick someone paddling in the sea you will definitely drop them (Tom).

So what’s next? Autumn, where we look forward to meeting our new apprentices, seeing lots of lovely children on their way back to school and six weeks of charity activity for St Catherine’s Hospice (more to follow).

Oh and I forgot to say we are now a bottle refill site, so come along, we would love to see you.

Mandy Masters

Usually, when I tell people about my holiday they say “how lovely”. Recently I was lucky enough to go to Antigua, however, it’s gone down like a brick, with responses like, “good for you” or “it’s alright for some!”.

A holiday gives time for quiet reflection. I’d like to share the progress of our four new stylists who joined us for training six months ago. They arrived looking like someone who’d just got off a long-haul flight – a little pale, nervous and not saying much.

But now they say;  “I learn so easily by watching”, “I feel so comfortable, part of the team straightaway”, “there are so many different kinds of haircuts”, “ there is much more to learn than expected”, “I enjoy getting along with people so quickly”.

What had they learnt about themselves? “I’m motivated”, “I like to look dramatic”, “I’ve more confidence than I thought”, “I definitely want to continue” and when asked what excited them for the future: “learning new things”, “going on new and different courses”, and, “having my own clients”.

So here we are, the gorgeous new starters are now relaxed, glowing (like a tan) and confident in their career choice!

Me, I’m delighted and proud of a team who train and welcome new starters so generously and allow me to sit on a beach and think.

If a career in hairdressing could be for you, apply now by visiting or call the salon on 01403 255555.

Let’s talk about the best present you ever had…pearl earrings, diamond necklace, the Maserati – LOL!!!

Let me tell you about the best present I ever had, it was of course my children (both blonde) and then my first set of highlights aged 15 – my stepmother gave them to me and I was introduced to the concept of make up for hair – and I’ve never looked back!

You see blonde is my favourite colour and covers such a broad spectrum…


…are all words which cover it, there are many more, and although the balayage freehand techniques have become the little black dress, blonde can add a blush, sheer, shimmer, soft, beautiful, dramatic, sunkissed, pretty, natural or halo touch to the strongest reds and the darkest brunettes. Nature dictates a mix of shades to create the most eye pleasing colour. I’m thinking oceans, beaches, autumn leaves, snow, animal coats here.

According to London, Paris and Milan, the trends for 2018 include buzzcuts in any colour except platinum. Lots of plaids, double denim and fringes and deep partings; dressing hair with lots of half-up do’s. So whether you want your colour to whisper, talk or shout go crazy with blonde; be brave, be bold, be beautiful and buy the love of your life the best present ever.

At Studio2, 70% of all our colouring is blonde, so for expert advice contact us for appointments, consultations or gift vouchers.

Mandy Masters

Interesting question isn’t it?

My happiness is quite basic – for example, the joy of a clean bed, hot shower, beans on toast. Next comes family, friends, health, education, freedom and leisure. I know how lucky I am to have all of these and not everyone gets to make their own luck even if they have my offspring’s own version of Princess LaLa or Mr Positive thinking.

At Studio2 we recognise how important giving back can bring much happiness so we like to support as many local charities, schools, hospitals and sports clubs as we can and every year dedicate October and November to fund raise for a charity. Over the years we’ve supported a number of charities including St Catherine’s Hospice (Naked Calendar!), NSPCC, Childline and Marie Curie. In 2012 our Della even jumped out of a plane to raise money for Sussex Air Ambulance, this despite the fact she’s never even been in a plane before!

This year it’s the turn of Parkinson’s UK, a charity dedicated to finding a cure and improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. We are planning raffles, cake stalls, 80’s fancy dress night disco and a recipe book. We would love to invite everyone to get involved with raising money and sharing some happiness.

Call us to find out more details or visit the website: