The Creative Apprentice

When I was fifteen it was time to leave school, I had no clear vocation in mind but a vague notion of wanting to help people. Having “fainted” on numerous occasions at the sight of blood, nursing was not an option.

My stepmother ran a hairdressers I’d helped out in on Saturdays. She suggested a hairdressing apprenticeship. My desire for learning really began, an eagerness to know all I could about hair, but also people and eventually business, has continued for me. I’ve been really lucky!

At Studio 2 almost all of our team are home-grown. I asked five current apprentices about their course.

Liv; “I like earning while learning, it’s always fun, education is constant and everyone is an educator here”.

Abi; “You get a lot of opportunities, courses, people skills. You’re part of a team.”

Beth; “I’ve made new friends, built confidence, particularly in communication, learnt everything from finance, management and gained a rounded education in hairdressing (I’ve finally nailed my Maths and English as part of my course!)”

Lucy; “It’s a big team, there is always someone to talk to. The training is really good and we get day release to learn theory.”

Cameron; “Who knew learning could be so enjoyable? I’m never bored, there is a real dedication to education, my success really matters to Mandy and the team – as much as it does to me.”

If you know someone who might be keen to join our family in September 2019, call for more details or email CV’s to [email protected].