Recently I popped in to visit my mum (“I’m 76 you know!”). She plopped down in her chair with eyes closed, “I hate this weather”. “Oh” I said, “you hate the rain and wind and snow also?” Pause, with one eye open, “I like the spring”.

Personally, I’m torn between which season I love the most but summer is definitely a favourite.

I could tell you about all the great products we have, UVA protection included, or that we have dozens of 100ml sizes that are ideal for holidays especially if you want to carry on board flights. Or we could talk about the great new colour shampoos we stock from Celeb which can help to top up or tone colours affected by sun heat or chlorine/salt. We could even talk about travel hair dryers!

But I’d rather give you a few facts discovered on our recent beautifully hot team day in Littlehampton.

  1. Royston can make really cool shorts and has the smoothest, whitest legs ever.
  2. No-one wants to share you pork pies.
  3. Rounders lets you know who’s competitive (Cameron) and determined even if they’ve no confidence in bowling (Beth).
  4. A childs bikini age 11-12 will cover a lot if you want to swim with the others (Liv).
  5. If you pick someone paddling in the sea you will definitely drop them (Tom).

So what’s next? Autumn, where we look forward to meeting our new apprentices, seeing lots of lovely children on their way back to school and six weeks of charity activity for St Catherine’s Hospice (more to follow).

Oh and I forgot to say we are now a bottle refill site, so come along, we would love to see you.

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