No really, it’s true – and it’s not just me that says so. In a survey in carried out in The Telegraph (2008) hairdressing was found to be in the top three happiest professions. I think it’s because we are able to be creative and receive words of affirmation at least once an hour.

The other “love languages” are met too:

  • Quality time = one to ones with guests.
  • Physical touch = creating a connection.
  • Gifts = rewards for services and salary progression.
  • Acts of service = Great team work and education.

An apprenticeship with us means you can earn while you learn gradually absorbing your skills by osmosis. We consider candidates from age 16 or later if you fancy a change of career.

I asked some of the team why they worked with us, they said:

  • “It’s busy, happy, fun and friendly.”
  • “Good learning environment.”
  • “Superb standards.”
  • “Great people (guests / team).”
  • “Relaxed, efficient and creative.”
  • “Great support, honesty.”
  • “Appreciation of diversity.”
  • “I love working with hair, no two days are the same.”

An apprenticeship with us can extend into a long and successful career. Our longest team member has been with us for over 27 years!

If you too would like to have fun, make money and be number one in a room where the sun is always shining apply today at

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