Mandy Masters

Usually, when I tell people about my holiday they say “how lovely”. Recently I was lucky enough to go to Antigua, however, it’s gone down like a brick, with responses like, “good for you” or “it’s alright for some!”.

A holiday gives time for quiet reflection. I’d like to share the progress of our four new stylists who joined us for training six months ago. They arrived looking like someone who’d just got off a long-haul flight – a little pale, nervous and not saying much.

But now they say;  “I learn so easily by watching”, “I feel so comfortable, part of the team straightaway”, “there are so many different kinds of haircuts”, “ there is much more to learn than expected”, “I enjoy getting along with people so quickly”.

What had they learnt about themselves? “I’m motivated”, “I like to look dramatic”, “I’ve more confidence than I thought”, “I definitely want to continue” and when asked what excited them for the future: “learning new things”, “going on new and different courses”, and, “having my own clients”.

So here we are, the gorgeous new starters are now relaxed, glowing (like a tan) and confident in their career choice!

Me, I’m delighted and proud of a team who train and welcome new starters so generously and allow me to sit on a beach and think.

If a career in hairdressing could be for you, apply now by visiting or call the salon on 01403 255555.

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