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Best Present Ever!

Let’s talk about the best present you ever had…pearl earrings, diamond necklace, the Maserati – LOL!!! Let me tell you about the best present I ever had, it was of course my children (both blonde) and then my first set of highlights aged 15 – my stepmother gave them to me and I was introduced […]

Mandy Masters

What makes you happy?

Interesting question isn’t it? My happiness is quite basic – for example, the joy of a clean bed, hot shower, beans on toast. Next comes family, friends, health, education, freedom and leisure. I know how lucky I am to have all of these and not everyone gets to make their own luck even if they […]

Mandy Masters

The Art of Colour Application

You see, I’ve got some bad habits that bother my husband. In any town or country we visit I’m prone to pressing my nose against the glass of hair salons looking for new ideas (which he calls “nosey”). People watching (which he calls “staring”). Listening to other people’s conversations in restaurants (which he calls “rude”). […]