Mandy MastersWhen did you last love your hair?

The new guest shook my hand and asked have you got some pictures I could choose from. She then asked what was I doing for my holidays, how long have you been  here then, without pausing for breath, asked what makes a great haircut and what do you think would suit me? She was nervous.

I thought perhaps I’d tell her that a great hair cut is a distribution of weight within three dimensions which compliments face shape, body shape and clothing personality; that colour could enhance or detract  from any areas you might want to draw less attention too and bring the eye to the best features all of which would have been the truth.

However, after many years of experience I can tell you that the most skilled stylist needs to play detective.

The questions I always ask include, when did you last love your hair? If I could fix one thing what would it be? How much time do you have? What is your budget? If I gave you the scissors what would you cut?

Only then can we begin to look at images not with a “can I have that one” view but more about a conversation around, what do you like about that? Show me what you’re  drawn to. Tell me about how you look after your hair at home ?  After this we begin to explain face and body shape etc and build together a plan just for them.

This process needs to take place to some extent on every visit after all no change equals no change!

If you would like a consultation like this I invite you to a complimentary one and an introductory offer 50% discount on your first visit simply quote Horsham Pages.

The Studio 2 team look forward to finding out about YOU !