Mandy MastersWhat does love even mean? I’ve looked it up and the Oxford definition says:

  1. A strong feeling of affection
  2. A great interest and pleasure in something
  3. A person or thing that one loves

At Studio2 we believe in “the guidelines to greatness”. Rule number 19 says “love the customer internal and external”. We do just that, love the guest and the team member.

A wise man also once taught me “what’s good for both will last, what’s good for one will end when a sound alternative can be found!” So we recently asked our guests for three wishes and they told us…

I love it when…

  • “I leave looking gorgeous”.
  • “You listen and give good advice”.
  • “The atmosphere is busy, fun, lots of laughs customers and staff”.
  • “I get my 12th haircut and finish free!”
  • “I get an amazing head massage during my hair wash”.
  • “Time is taken to really personalise treatments and advice”.
  • “I’m greeted with a jolly smile”.
  • “I receive 50% off for introducing a friend…and so does my friend “.
  • “I spend time with you all, you’re like a big family, so nice to be around”.

Wow! Thanks guys!

Sometimes people do leave us chasing an offer, move house, go to uni etc, but I hope they’ve received enough love to know that they would be welcome back anytime, and if you’ve just found out about us we would love to meet you…the website has some great offers.

After all, all you need is Studio2 love. Mandy x