Mandy MastersI am very lucky – I have a wonderful husband who tells me I look great regularly.

Unfortunately for him I will only ask his opinion on what I should wear if I want to feel really confident, i.e. before I’m presenting to a class or going on stage, worse still if there’s no one else to ask. He would only then give me “what are you trying to say?” in an attempt to help.

My best friend (she knows who she is) can pick things out for me from rails in shops, tell me if something is “not your best”, “I think it’s too big” or “GET IT!”. She knows all about my clothing personality and the colours that will suite my skin tone, she would never suggest a fur collar (ugh!!!), a favourite of my love interest!

Here at Studio 2, we want to help our guest look their most confident 365 days a year. We have education from the House of Colour to help us understand if you need cool or warm, rich or bright colour, and which personality:

  • Romantic (bold and curvy)
  • Natural (relaxed, casual)
  • Classic (tailored, unfussy)
  • Gamine (elfin, pixie)
  • Ingénue (pretty, delicate)
  • Dramatic (strong, angular)

Most of us will cross more than one style, our hair will need to be part of that image for us to
feel comfortable and since we wear it every day, a consultation must help us really understand just like a best friend.

For more details about the House of Colour click here

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