Let’s talk about the best present you ever had…pearl earrings, diamond necklace, the Maserati – LOL!!!

Let me tell you about the best present I ever had, it was of course my children (both blonde) and then my first set of highlights aged 15 – my stepmother gave them to me and I was introduced to the concept of make up for hair – and I’ve never looked back!

You see blonde is my favourite colour and covers such a broad spectrum…


…are all words which cover it, there are many more, and although the balayage freehand techniques have become the little black dress, blonde can add a blush, sheer, shimmer, soft, beautiful, dramatic, sunkissed, pretty, natural or halo touch to the strongest reds and the darkest brunettes. Nature dictates a mix of shades to create the most eye pleasing colour. I’m thinking oceans, beaches, autumn leaves, snow, animal coats here.

According to London, Paris and Milan, the trends for 2018 include buzzcuts in any colour except platinum. Lots of plaids, double denim and fringes and deep partings; dressing hair with lots of half-up do’s. So whether you want your colour to whisper, talk or shout go crazy with blonde; be brave, be bold, be beautiful and buy the love of your life the best present ever.

At Studio2, 70% of all our colouring is blonde, so for expert advice contact us for appointments, consultations or gift vouchers.

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